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I was always horny but now I had found a new way to satisfy my urges. Completely by accident I became addicted to having my tongue fucked by the family dog.
She was old enough to know better, but still young enough to play the innocent child. Hormones rampage through my young teenage body making me horny as hell and wanting to play with my pussy at every opportunity to get that sweet sense of relief. Some days I would rub my clit and orgasm 6 times from morning to bedtime!
In my quest to find ways to pleasure myself, I discovered many things that I enjoyed rubbing myself with. If there were other people around, I would be very discreet, but sometimes the desire for satisfaction would overcome the fear of being caught.
I would practically run upstairs when my mom or stepdad would tell me it was time to go to bed because he was so excited to make me cum. I usually sleep in panties and an oversized nightgown or t-shirt. Practically every night those panties would slip around my ankles so I could spread my legs and rub my clit until I came hard trying not to scream. My favorite though was having my panties shemale porn around my ankles and fucking my pillow. Oh gosh, I loved that! The hours I must have spent rubbing my mound, just grinding on that pillow, making the metal bed frame squeak a little.
That WAS my favorite until I found out how much I loved the feel of a rough dog tongue licking at my bald young pussy.
Benji was the family dog ​​and he loved him very much. He really annoyed me that he stole my panties out of the laundry basket to take away and lick them to death. I was obviously interested in the taste/smell, but didn’t think twice.
I had very long jet black hair down to the length of my bum and I took very good care of it so when I washed it in the shower it usually took quite a while especially if I used conditioner and a hair mask , etc. This day however, I had pulled it up into a bun and was just washing my body in the shower, so it was relatively quick by comparison, however my parents had obviously assumed otherwise. I opened the bathroom door and was greeted with the familiar sounds of moans, squeaks, and groans from the bed. Great, they were fucking again! I usually listened to this muffled at night and would listen, but they clearly thought they had a chance to enjoy some noisy afternoon treats.
The sounds coming from their room instantly made my pussy wet and my little clit throbbed, so I snuck into my room, which shared a wall with theirs, opened my towel, lay back with my feet still on the floor and started caress my swollen clitoris and tease. my little pink nipples with my other hand while enjoying my parents sex session. It was exciting to listen to them knowing they had no idea I was there, my heart was racing and my clit was throbbing as my stepdad clearly licked my mom’s pussy. I “accidentally” caught him jerking off his cock more than once so I knew it was a spectacular sight and he had a big thick tash that I wished was tickling my virgin Indian Aunty porn pussy. She was moaning like a whore, I’m surprised the whole neighborhood didn’t hear her when he rammed her big cock!
It was during this dirty masturbation session that I felt a hot, rough lick from my butt to my clit. It moved me and disturbed me at the same time. My eyes snapped open and I bolted upright to discover Benji sitting on the floor between my thighs looking at me expectantly. I tried to shoo him out of the room but he was very insistent, he knew exactly what he wanted and I wasn’t really in the right frame of mind to argue with him. Likewise, my little virgin had always wondered what it would feel like to have my pussy eaten, so I quickly told myself that it would only be once to see how he felt. The biggest lie I’ve ever told. I leaned back to resume my attention on my sensitive little pussy and thought I wouldn’t force him, but if he wanted to taste me again, I wouldn’t stop him. It was a matter of seconds before his muzzle was back between my thighs. His hot tongue immediately in my hole lapping up all the juices he had produced while he played and watched. The more he licked with that rough tongue, the more juices he produced and the deeper his tongue went into my virgin hole. He was literally tongue fucking me trying to get even the last one last drop With his tongue deep in my pussy and his wet muzzle hitting my clit with each sip, I stood there transfixed with pleasure until he changed tactics and started licking me from my ass to my clit, my entire body trembling with excitement. and it was as if he knew he was getting the most pleasure from my clit because he concentrated there for so long. She had quickly gone from a quiet virgin to a horny bitch in a matter of moments. If someone walked into my bedroom they laughed. Now then, they would have seen me lying there with my legs in the air, opening my young cunt for the dog as he licked. Any girl who has enjoyed the sheer pleasure of being licked by a dog knows there is a certain sloppy sound to that, I was momentarily worried that the fucking duo next door would hear it, but they were too busy making their own noises to hear anything. Aside from the skin slapping and my stepdad calling my mom a dirty whore. I loved the feel of that rough tongue of hers, the soft fur of hers, the hot breath of hers and that noise of her tongue and my juices! Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, my mom was ordered to cum on my dad’s big cock and this triggered a massive mind-blowing orgasm that ripped through my body, courtesy of Benji and his big wet tongue. He continued licking until he cleaned me up and I was too sensitive to take any more action with my tongue, so I quickly had to pull myself together and pretend he had just gotten out of the shower so as not to give me away.
Apparently Benji enjoyed the session as much as I did. From that point on, he stopped stealing my underwear and got his fix straight from the source, as often as possible.